Greg & Carla Fryar have a kennel for Llewellin Setters and Greg trains all breeds of hunting dogs professionally.Carla bought Greg his first hunting dog in 1983 a Brittany. Carla grew up with Labs. In 1993 they purchased Greg a Golden Retriever from Frisbee Kennels, a kennel we have also visited and wrote about. Goldens they felt are better when the weather calls for ground scenting and when working thicker cover. “Drake” was a great dog and was the only Golden ever to win Top Gun Dog at the US Open Event at the Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club, Carla also won the ladies class in 2002 with her Golden “Mallard”. Though they breed Llewellin Setters, they still have Goldens around. Greg & Carla noted there are a fair amount of people they know that have both types of dogs. They find Goldens and Llewellin Setters have similar temperament and both are very personable and are great family dogs!

Start of High Fly’n line

In 1998 Greg & Carla purchased their first and two additional Llewellin pups from Alfred King Llewellins in Arkansas. Greg was looking for a dog that ranged farther; a friend had a Llewellin and recommended one. So started their move to Llewellins. Next they purchased a stud dog from Tennessee, the south is a more popular area in the country for Llewellin Setters. After that in 2003 Greg & Carla had their first High Fly’n Llewellin Setter litter.

So started the High Fly’n line. From their base dogs they have kept their lines fairly tight. Periodically they will go outside their bloodlines for an exceptional dog but Greg & Carla like what they see in their lines, and all breeding dogs have passed tests for OFA Hips and CERF eyes.

The Liewellins

The Llewellins are smaller dogs that work closer great for the northern grouse woods as they periodically check in with you. The High Fly’n Llewellin line is more of the American type of Llewellin. They typically carry a higher head and tail, are stylish and higher test. They are perfect for the woods or bigger prairie country all types of birds and for the trial or test circuit. Llewellins are great walking/shooting and good foot hunting dogs.

Greg & Carla test their dogs to prove their breeding.

Greg & Carla test their dogs to prove their breeding. They test their dogs both while hunting and in sanctioned events. They hunt: Pheasants, Huns and Sharptails and train in North Dakota with their dogs every year. And they are more then qualified to evaluate their own dogs. Carla has been an AKC retriever judge since the 1990s and Greg is also a judge;  they are both active in their local retriever club. 

The fyrars

The Fryar’s have finished three Goldens as Master Hunters and nine of the Fryars High Fly’n Llewellin’s dogs hold NLGDC Championships.

The Fryars are also active in the National Llewellin Gun Dog Club. Carla is the trial secretary and recorder. The Fryars typically run in 4 trials a year. The club hosts one American Field type walking trials a year typically in Missouri in March.  Also the club hosts 3-4 STRA (Shoot To Retrieve) type of events per year. One of the events is typically held in September and is hosted by the Fryars and friends of the Fryars just a few miles away. There are other NSTRA type events held in October in IL, Feb in KY and in MO in March.

This year (2008) the National Llewellin Gun DogTrial was held in March running on quail. Carla won the Open STR open class with High Fly’n Amber, and her litter mate “Mac” won the American Field classic event.

So what does it cost to get one of these elite Llewellin Setters?

To get on the list you will need to place a $200 deposit towards full price with the Fryars for a pup male/female with full breeding rights. First deposit for that litter get’s pick of the litter. But you may need to wait to pick up your pup. The Fryars litters are typically all spoken for about two litters ahead of time. They register all their dogs with the Field Dog Stud Book and prefer to sell to hunters. So if you’re looking to walk into an AKC show ring, best you keep on looking.

The Fryars also do gun dog training and run training seminars. They run a family puppy seminar in the summer and also work with Rick Smith on seminars typically held in June. Pictures of this year’s event are in this issue.

The Future

Greg & Carla are also concerned about the future of our sport, as many of us are. We spoke about working with their kennel and Bird Dog & Retriever News to put on a kids day to introduce another generation that we are losing to keep the future of hunting and dog events. To that end they also are putting their money where their mouth is, as few do these days. They would like to sponsor a young adult, boy or girl to next years Rick Smith seminar, a $400 commitment. And Bird Dog & Retriever News is going to work with them on that to guarantee that that happens. Call or e-mail Carla for an application. We need the next generation to fuel our future.

So if you’re interested in the Fryars, High Fly’n Llewellins, their dogs, training or events what’s your next step? You go to their website or better yet give them a call at 612-840-8013 they are nice people and you’ll be glad you did.

Dennis Guldan hails from New Brighton , MN and publishes Bird Dog & Retriever News