Jacob Gatz

Hey Greg, Thought I would finally get an update out to you guys after seeing your Facebook post. Cal is doing really good. I have been out quite a bit with her but the last two weeks have been consumed with deer season and she is getting the bird itch.

Rich & Michelle Kadrlik

Greg & Carla, Thank you for forwarding us the information on the Youth event from the St. Croix Valley Brittany club yesterday in Milaca, MN. My son Reed took Mikko up there and put on a show. They ran 2 dogs at a time and quail were replaced as they

Rick & Chilly

Greg: Chilly has now had 12 full days of hunting since she returned from camp.  She has been on two separate trips to the Harvey area of ND, and one game farm hunt at Traxler’s yesterday.  There have been some ducks, but the majority of the work has been on roosters.  I

Steven Krause

Only the second time out, with no training, and she’s pointed twice, stayed close, obeyed commands, etc.! She found this bird on the ground for me, too! A little different than pheasant hunting, huh? Steven Krause & Ranger (from Nevada)

Todd Morris

Hey Carla, Luci had a pretty good year. She had aprox. 40 quail shot over her. She didn’t get any wild birds over her, Where we live and hunt the pop. is just so low we can hunt for days and not see a thing. I didn’t think she was

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