Smith Foundation Seminar 2017

Foundation Seminars

June 3 & 4

Instructor: Rick Smith
Location : High Fly’n Kennels, Mott, North Dakota
“If you are looking for a better relationship with your dog, both at home and in the field, you have come to the right place. From puppyhood through the basics of being a bird dog, all the foundation skills you and your dog will need can be found here. You will be trained to train your dog with Rick’s guidance. You will work with the command lead, check cord, and whoa post and your dog will have numerous opportunities to work birds. These seminars are popular and fill rapidly, so reserve your spot now!”

YOU CAN BRING YOUR KID FOR FREE! (ages 10-16). This is a perfect opportunity to get your kid involved in the outdoors, get your kid interested in dogs, AND build the right foundation for training dogs for the rest of their lives.

Husband/Wife: If both (one dog) want to learn one pays full price the other is half price.