Todd Morris

Hey Carla, Luci had a pretty good year. She had aprox. 40 quail shot over her. She didn’t get any wild birds over her, Where we live and hunt the pop. is just so low we can hunt for days and not see a thing. I didn’t think she was quite ready to hunt with a larger group ( of dogs or people). So on our trip to SD I would set aside an hour or two a day to work her by herself. I really wanted to drop a big juicy rooster for her wrestle with, but we didn’t have too great of luck. I forgot to bring a long lead with me, so we tried to hunt without. Kind of funny story we started into this field and she started getting birdy bumped some hens and off to the races. While she was at full speed, a rooster flushed in front of her and they crashed into each other. She sat up like what happened and when she realized what it was she was about 1 tail feather off his ass across the whole field. My dad was with me and said “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a dog cover so much ground so fast”. But hunting late season SD can be frustrating for a pup, lots of birds, just not a lot of close birds. So we still need to work on the basics, as you know whoa, and come can be a little tough for a young, bird crazy dog. This puppy sure is a lover/snuggler, but also a naughty lil shit most the time. But it seems to be getting better, I think. Matter of fact she should be old enough for an ecollar don’t you think? That should help (a little hearing aid). I attached some pics of her. If you have any questions or input feel free to message. Also we like to see the info you send on your kennel, and competitions. Keep in touch.  Thank You, Todd Morris