Kritter Hayes

I would recommend Greg at High Fly’n Kennels for any training your bird dog might need. My 3 year old Brittany, Rizzo, spent 7 weeks with Greg during the summer of 2008 working on the trained retrieve. Rizzo is a very driven dog yet very stubborn and hard headed. She would be a challenge to most professional trainers…Greg was up for the challenge. I was more than pleased with her development while at High Fly’n Kennels. It did not take me long to realize that I made the right choice in sending Rizzo to Greg. Her drive and willingness to retrieve only seemed to increase. Greg gave Rizzo a great foundation for me to build on with future training. Greg returned to me, a retrieving machine in Rizzo. With that training, she went on to have a great trial season. Rizzo and I took 1st place at the PHU Nebraska State Pheasant Championship in the puppy division and topped it off with a 5th place finish at the 2009 BDC Nationals. Without Greg, that would not have been possible. I give Greg & Carla at High Fly’n Kennels an “A” and highly recommend Greg as a trainer for many reasons. Their facilities are clean and well maintained. Greg’s communication before, during, & after the training is more than anyone could expect or ask for. In keeping with my word, Chip, my new pup will be headed to High Fly’n Kennels this summer for a little of the same. By the way, Greg and Carla also have fine looking Llewellin Setters puppies available High Fly’n Kennels. Kritter Hayes Hawkeye Hayes Brittanys Adel, Iowa 515-689-8909 [highlight type=”dark”]Congratulations to Kritter & Rizzo from HFK!