John Sievers

I got Hallie  from High Fly’n Kennels she was about 9 weeks old. One thing that was very important to me being in my later 50’s was not getting a big runner. I have had Setters for 20 years and big runners are great when you are 18 but not 58. I made it very clear what I wanted was a close working dog that was a hard pointer. Hallie is a very friendly dog like most Setters but when the Gun comes out she is all business. We have went out with 5 people and she hunted for them all never broke on point by the end of the day they all knew when Hallie slowed down and started to get low to the ground they would start to yell bird coming and in a bit she would stop and soon the bird took flight. We had one person Hunting with us with another type of dog Hallie got all the birds and he took his dog to the Vet thought his dog may have had a sinus infection it didn’t. Hallie was 10 months old at Hunting season in South Dakota we did our training months before but we hit the field and we had no big running. That was so important with a young dog you have a chance to correct them. Hallie has had many birds shot over her in some of the tuffest country you could imagine. I made a bad shot the bird flew with his legs dropped so I knew it was hit. The bird flew about 200 yards and went down. Hallie was after him already went to the area where he went down was junping around and stopped I walked up she was pointing the bird. The bird jumped up she got him Hallie was 11 months old. I would buy again from Carla at High Fly’n Kennels she delivered what I asked for. John Sievers Canton, South Dakota