Al & Nancy Renner

What an interesting year Al and I have had.  About this time last year, resulting from a “bug” put in my ear while friends were here hunting, I found out that Al had mentioned he was ready for a new hunting pup!  (it took me almost an hour to start the “hunt”, pardon the pun.) We finally located a litter of Llewellyn English Setters that would be born around the end of January.  Long story made short…Al’s pup “Tuff” joined our empty nest in the early spring, entertaining us through the spring blizzards, spending his summer months learning to quarter and watch his “boss” in the field…and at the ripe old age of 9 months, began showing he was a true hunting partner to Al. What a joy after almost 17 years without a hunting dog around.  Perhaps Al’s greatest joy is watching the grandkids learn the thrill of hunting and enjoying nature.  He came home one day and said “Now THAT is what hunting is ALL about!” Al & Nancy Renner