Year Round Training Programs

All of our training programs are designed for your dogs needs and special attention given to teaching you all the aspects of your dog’s training.

Our training programs are designed for all breeds:


 Puppy Development (4 week Program) – $800.00 Includes Birds

This program designed to introduce your dog to birds, gunfire and the e-collar. This program is a must for proper introduction to birds, guns, and the e-collar. Even if you do no other training with a professional this is a MUST for your pup. Age 6 months is recommended for this training.

Trained Retrieve (8-10 week program) $1300.00
The term force/trained retrieve describes the process of training a dog to pickup, hold, and release an object on command. A dog’s natural instinct is to keep it’s game for himself.  Dogs must be trained to overcome this instinct and handle game in a manner that leaves it intact.

This is a must before doing advanced training with your dog.

Intermediate Training (Typically 10-12 weeks) – $800.00 per month, includes birds.

  • Some of the items covered in intermediate training:
  • E-Collar training
  • Quartering
  • Whistle commands
  • Retrieve work
  • Field experience

Dogs coming out of intermediate training will be ready to hunt for you. This program can be customized for you and your dog.

Private Lessons – $50.00 per hour, individual Customized.

Obedience Training – $175.00 per week.

Drop Off Form  *all dogs must be current on shots, including bordetella